How to make steady progress toward your goals

By Victor Macias,

Published on Dec 19, 2022   —   1 min read

Photo by Estée Janssens / Unsplash

I hit a bit of a wall. I realized that I've been making good progress on my tasks, completing between 90-95% of my list consistently. However, I'm not seeing notable progress towards reaching my goals. For example, I have a goal to increase client revenue by a specific amount and while I'm executing on the plan, I'm not actually moving towards the revenue goal effectively.
Here are some thoughts on what might be causing this:

  • I need to focus more on the planning and strategy phase. A well-thought-out plan is essential for success. I need to make sure I have a clear roadmap for achieving my goals.
  • My timeline may be off. It's possible that I am expecting results too quickly and need to be more patient. Sometimes, it takes longer to see results than we expect, and it's important to stay focused and keep working towards my goals.
  • I may need to look at different inputs. In order to achieve my goals, I need to make sure I am looking at the right data and metrics. For example, if my goal is to make $5K per month in ecommerce, I need to follow the correct model for achieving that goal. This may involve setting specific targets for the number of visitors and conversion rate I need to reach my goal.

By focusing on the planning and strategy phase, adjusting my timeline as needed, and looking at the right inputs, I can work towards making steady progress towards achieving my desired outcomes.

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