The Road to Rapid Learning: How Scaling Transforms Your Marketing Strategy

By Victor Macias,

Published on May 26, 2023   —   4 min read

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Late last night, an idea popped into my head. What if I was already on the right track, but just needed to ramp up the intensity?

I've been delving into the Lean Startup concept, with the primary takeaway being the necessity for rapid learning, experimentation, and testing. This realization made me reflect on my personal brand and the fact that my learning curve is a bit sluggish.

My website traffic is minimal. Although my LinkedIn following is slowly growing and my email open rates are encouraging (suggesting value creation), I'm not seeing conversions into sign-ups for my training or classes.

Maybe there's a disconnect in my value proposition – they're not interested in my offerings. Perhaps my target audience isn't a match. Or, maybe my content isn't as valuable as I think it is. Regardless of the reason, the bottom line is the same - I'm in the dark because I don't have enough traffic to test my hypotheses. If I genuinely want to understand what's working, I need to drive more traffic to my site.

The Power of Volume

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Entrepreneur Alex Hormozi's insights on the power of volume reminded me of this. He emphasizes the concept that success often requires doing more. He shares a story of promoting a gym with flyers on cars. Despite his efforts, he received no responses. When he discussed this with his coach and revealed he had only posted a hundred flyers, he was advised to think in the thousands. This was a light bulb moment - the tactic wasn't the problem, but the volume of implementation was.

Contemplating this made me question: What if I'm already executing the "right things"? Maybe my strategy is sound; I just need to amplify it. It's not about doing something different but increasing the volume of what's already working.

Potential Changes and Outcomes from Increased Volume

I began to wonder about the consequences of multiplying my LinkedIn posts by 10 or even 100. Would that irritate people or make me seem like a spammer? What if I sent out 3 or 4 emails a week instead of just one?

Might I annoy some people? Possibly, but I would also accelerate my learning process. I'd quickly identify which content and emails connect and inspire action, as well as which offers are attractive and which aren't.

I thought about other methods to 10X my volume. Paying for ads could be educational, driving a thousand people to my site in a couple of days could help me know who my customer is, what lead magnets work, what emails are effective, and so on.

Enhancing Value through Volume

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Then I asked myself: what if I scaled my content production by 10X? Would the quality decline? Would I start churning out less valuable content? I used to think so, but then I remembered an insight from Gary Vee. Your audience determines the quality of your content, not you. Ever poured hours into something you thought was fantastic only to hear crickets upon release, while a less time-consuming piece gets an outstanding reception? This helped me realize that quality doesn't necessarily decrease with volume. In fact, ramping up your output can improve your content quality over time.

By multiplying your content by 10 or even 100, you discover what types of content succeed more quickly. This feedback allows you to fine-tune your strategy to produce more of what works. Now, I'm excited to implement this at a holistic level.

The Question of Scaling

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Having decided that scaling is the pathway to speed up learning and make my experiment in funnel marketing effective, the next question is what and how to scale.

Here's my breakdown of the main marketing channels and potential plans for expansion:

  • Emails: Double the frequency with a weekly roundup.
  • Blog Posts: Increase production and posting frequency from 1 post to 5 posts per week.
  • LinkedIn: Increase posts in groups, experiment with slide decks, comment on 30 profiles, and host weekly video calls.
  • Explore other content options: Film daily videos for LinkedIn and produce YouTube videos.

Now the question is: how can I create 10X more content without investing 10X more time? A few strategies come to mind:

  • Batching: Allocate more time to create multiple posts at once.
  • Aim for 70% readiness: I can publish content that is about 70% ready (even if it has minor errors).
  • Leverage technology: Utilize AI to assist with brainstorming, editing, and outlining.
  • Implement a content calendar: By planning the number of posts needed in advance, I can focus solely on creation.

Speeding up the Learning Process

So, that's going to be my approach for the upcoming weeks. I plan to 10X my volume with the goal of rapid learning and iteration.

My proposed method: Drastically increase volume to stress test and see what "breaks." Once I identify these areas, I can adjust my content more rapidly.

Will this approach work? I can't say for certain, but it seems logical. If you do more of what's already working, at an exponential rate, things are bound to shift. As these changes manifest, it's essential to learn, discontinue ineffective strategies, and amplify those that work.

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