How To Build The Variety Habit

The need for variety and uncertainty is a basic human need. We all aspire to experience the novel and the new. Perhaps I have this need more than others.

This is a constant struggle. I believe that in order to succeed at a high level, you need grit, consistency, and habits. The greatest entrepreneurs have all succeeded because they were consistent in their actions.

However, I have an innate desire to travel and experience new things. In fact, I get my greatest breakthroughs and inspiration when I’m away from the day-to-day grind. Is it possible to have both? I recently had an ‘aha’ moment and wondered…what if I make the novel a routine?

You might be wondering if that’s possible. I decided to try an experiment.

I built the novel into my schedule. I set specific days in my calendar reserved for variety. These are scheduled just like appointments. Think of it as a cheat day for indulgence and spontaneity.

The break down is simple: 1 day per week, 1 week per quarter, 1 month per year.

Here’s my breakdown:

  • 1 Day Per Week: I work remotely every Wednesday. I choose a new city, a new coffee shop and 1 new fun activity to try.
  • 1 Week Per Quarter: I’ll take a week-long remote work week. The goal here is to get an AirBnB or stay with a relative and work remotely from a new city around new people.
  • 1 Month Per Year: Travel to a new destination like Japan, or Spain and work remotely from there.

The goal isn’t to break away from work. I love what I do. It’s about prioritizing what’s equally important to me: traveling, finding new adventures and finding quiet time.

Have you considered doing something like this in the past? How can you turn your passions and desired into habits?