Document what you do

By Victor Macias,

Published on Mar 19, 2021   —   1 min read

Photo by 2H Media / Unsplash

Whatever your work, you have a unique approach to your art. There are people who are interested in that approach if it’s presented to them the right way. Documenting and showing your process connects you with others and is most valuable when you’re still learning.

How to document:

  • Start a work journal – I use Roam to document my notes, insights, tools, and lessons learned throughout the day.
  • Write down your thoughts – Log them in your work journal or take a voice memo on your phone.
  • Take photos – Shoot prototypes, logo concepts, meetings.
  • Take videos – Film yourself working, thinking through problems, sharing insights.

While you may not share everything, the process of documenting itself has many benefits. You gain more insight into your daily work and you’ll be able to visually see your progress.

When you document, you’ll have a lot of material to choose from including journals, research, sketches, demos, prototypes, and more.


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