Build new habits by doing what's easy

By Victor Macias,

Published on Apr 28, 2023   —   1 min read

Photo by Content Pixie / Unsplash

To build a new habit, take the path of least resistance and make it easy. Building habits requires consistent repetition over an extended period. Often, the perceived difficulty of performing a new action prevents individuals from engaging in it. For example, an aspiring writer might dread the idea of generating new ideas daily or feel overwhelmed by the time it takes to write a new article. This can lead to procrastination, preventing the development of a daily writing habit.

When a task is easy, it can be accomplished with minimal friction and even become enjoyable, leading to repeated execution and the formation of a new habit. Therefore, to create a new habit, seek ways to make the process simpler. (Make your habits so easy that it's laughable if you don't complete them.)

How to make it easy:

  • Shrink the task: Break up a large task into its sub-components. Writing an article can be broken down into freewriting, brainstorming, first drafts, and final drafts.
  • Use the 2-minute rule: If a task takes less than two minutes to complete, do it now.
  • Create an Unschedule: Schedule guilt-free play into your calendar first. This removes an underlying cause of procrastination reducing resentment toward work, and improving the quality and motivation to work. (Do more quality work with an Unschedule)
  • Track your habits: Daily tracking shortens the reward feedback loop making you more likely to stick to your goals. (Track inputs to increase your chances of success)
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