Five Ways to Get Your First 100 Customers For Your Startup With $0 Budget

Five Ways to Get Your First 100 Customers For Your Startup With $0 Budget
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Hello, Bootstrappers! 👋

Welcome to the first edition of 'Bootstrapped: The Ultimate Newsletter for Solopreneurs & Startups by a 7-Figure Shark Tank Alum.' Today, we're exploring a critical topic for any new venture: acquiring your first 100 customers without spending a dime! 💸

1. Leverage Your Existing Network

Utilize the relationships you've built with friends, family, and acquaintances to gain your initial customers. These people already know and trust you, making them more likely to support your project.

Quick tactics:

  • Create a contact list of close friends and family
  • Design a personalized outreach message
  • Use this template to introduce your product/service
  • Ask for referrals and make it easy by providing a pre-written message they can send to others

2. Tap Into Marketplaces

Existing marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and Udemy offer a ton of potential customers searching for products or services similar to yours. By listing your offerings on these platforms, you can leverage their massive user bases to attract customers. You can also discover the buying habits of your customers making future outreach strategies more effective.

Quick tactics:

  • Research relevant marketplaces and select the best fit for your product/service
  • Focus on SEO and create high-quality listings to improve visibility
  • Monitor customer reviews and feedback to refine your offerings
  • Utilize demographic data from these platforms to better understand your target audience and improve your marketing efforts

3. Collaborate with Brands

Even if you're just starting, other brands may be interested in partnering with you if your product complements theirs. Collaborations can increase exposure for both parties, expanding your potential customer base.

Quick tactics:

  • Use Buzzsumo to Identify 10 brands in your niche with around 10K followers that share a similar target audience
  • Use this template to reach out to propose a mutually beneficial collaboration
  • Make it easy for them to say yes by providing any necessary promotional materials

4. Run Contests

Contests can generate buzz around your brand and attract potential customers. By giving away something related to your product or service, you can ensure that you're drawing in the right audience while simultaneously building your email list.

Quick tactics:

  • Set up a giveaway using a tool like KingSumo, offering a prize that aligns with your brand
  • Promote the contest through your personal network, social media, and any relevant online communities
  • Collect email addresses from participants and follow up with personalized, nurturing content to convert them into customers

5. Guest Post

Guest posting on relevant blogs and media outlets is an excellent way to showcase your expertise and establish credibility in your niche. This strategy allows you to leverage the existing traffic of these platforms and attract potential customers.

Quick tactics:

  • Identify relevant blogs and outlets with an engaged audience that aligns with your target market
  • Connect with writers and editors on social media to build relationships
  • Study their writing style and preferences to create a tailored, high-quality guest post
  • Offer a pre-written article that fits their outlet's theme, making it easy for them to say yes and publish your content

Remember, persistence and creativity are vital in securing your first 100 customers. Keep refining your approach and exploring new tactics, and soon you'll have a growing customer base and a thriving startup!

Until next week, keep bootstrapping! 👊


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